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Wireless Networking


Do you want mobiltiy and flexabilty? Then install a wireless network. We specialize in:

  • Wi-Fi wireless LANs (WLANs) -
  • Outdoor wireless - Point-to-Point and Multipoint Installations
  • Wi-Fi Network Planning, Design, Site Survey
  • Wireless LAN Auditing, Optimisation, Troubleshooting and Support

Wireless technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives. Over the past several years wireless networking has made amazing strides, but it remains a challenge for most of us.

We can take care of planning, building, and securing a your wireless network. Once we setup your wireless network you can work anywhere in your office or anywhere in your house with your laptop.

Our specialist will visit your site and select the best location to install your wireless router, and then configure settings such as username, password, SSID, and other security features to prevent your connection from being hacked or used by intruders.

Wireless Network Evaluation - Call 9845331966

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