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CCTV Security Camera Surveillance Systems making your world safer!

The reasons for installing CCTV cameras are the same whether you own a home, office business, factory, workshop, superstore, or clinic, which is to secure your propery, family, or employees interest.

Unfortunately, the world is not as safe as it used to be. With crime in the Home, Business & Office on the rise, Vista Ventures
offers solutions to make your Home, Office & Business more safe and secure.

The benefits gained by installing video surveillance can quickly justify the system's cost. A video surveillance system can help reduce loss and harm to property and lives, and financially justify the investment and increase long-term net profit.

Vista Ventures can install CCTV Networked and Remote systems. We also provide installation, integration and implementation into existing infrastructure with the minimum of downtime and expenditure.

CCTV over IP is the delivery of CCTV video images over data networks. Modern video-over-IP techniques allow delivery of images anywhere you need them, through a local-area-network (LAN) or wide-area-network (WAN).

We can provide viewing, recording, camera steering, alarm handling, motion detection, all handled on a standard LAN. Pictures may be delivered as traditional PAL television signals, or on VGA displays, or on standard web browsers.

Remote Vision is our term for the viewing of pictures from video cameras over short or long distances, over data networks, communication links, or the Internet. We can bring you images from cameras the other side of the world, as easily as from the far end of a building - allowing you to see, right from your desk, your premises, stock, production lines, store layout or whatever aspect of your business is helpful to you.

We can advise upon, design, supply, configure and support system installations ranging from one to thousands of cameras. We can network standard cameras that you already have, or supply and install new static or steerable (dome) cameras.

For CCTV over IP Evaluation - Call 9845331966

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